Singapore Wargamers

Meet the Napnuts!

In the beginning: Although we had been wargaming all our lives, the Napnuts as we know it began in August 1998. Our wargaming HQ at that time was in the small village of Villiprot, on the outskirts of Bad Godesberg in Germany. Pictured here are the original Napnuts - (L-R) - Walter, Alex (small guy), and Dominic.
At that time we were only wargaming the Napoleonic period - hence the name. Still in Bonn, the Napnuts here are pictured with an American friend.

An important milestone in our development came with the meeting between Dominic and Uli of the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers (pictured here). Dominic and Uli met at "Crisis 1998" in Antwerp. Inspired by Uli's beautiful terrain, Dominic learnt and began to build up a similar range of terrain pieces.
1999 was a good wargaming year. Uli and Dominic put up the Barosa demonstration game at "Action 1999" in April. "Action" is an annual wargames convention organised by British Forces in Germany at JHQ Rheindahlen (near Cologne). The British JHQ is one of the few places in Germany where one can get a decent meat pie.
In addition to some friendly wargaming in Dortmund, we went to Antwerp again in October to attend "Crisis 1999". The Dortmunders put up a demonstration game based on the medieval Battle of Lanmeur. In the meantime, Dominic made contact with Arjun (a very keen Singapore wargamer) through this website.
The new millennium (2000) began with Dominic and Uli attending "Action 2000" in Rheindahlen. We put up a demonstration game based on the Napoleonic Battle of Grossbeeren. Here we met Robert (right), an itinerant British wargamer, and enjoyed authentic fish and chips at the NAAFI. After the convention, Uli introduced Dominic to WW2 using Rapid Fire rules. (see the Contact! pictures). However, 2000 also marked Dominic's final year in Germany. Dominic's last game in Germany (Pegasus Bridge) was played on 5 July at Bernd's place in Dortmund.
Upon returning to Singapore, the mission to develop the local miniature wargaming scene began in earnest. Historical Miniature wargaming is a pretty obscure hobby here. Although there are scattered groups of people playing with miniatures, before the days of internet, there was virtually no way for the few groups of 2 or 3 people to get in touch. The internet gave us the means to contact each other. In fact, all our members made contact through this website. Our first game took place with Wahj and Arjun (front row left and centre) in September 2000. Paul (back row left), a British wargamer now resident in Singapore, joined us in early 2001. Here we are pictured after our Ambush game. With us is visiting wargamer, Paul Koch (blue shirt), from the USA.
Pictured here are Alex (left) and Julian, another British wargamer now resident in Singapore. Both Alex and Julian joined the group in 2001.
By August 2001, the group had grown even further. We now game twice a month and our e-mail list has grown to 10 strong. Our interest has grown beyond Napoleonics and WW2, to other periods like 15mm Crusades, 20mm Ancients and 1/2400th microships. On 11 August, Julian introduced us to Marlburian wargaming. Pictured here after our 5 August WW2 game, are (L-R) Rick, Victor, Arjun and Collins. All brought together by this website! The exception is Collins, who made contact while looking to buy Dominic's apartment! Wargaming HQ is now a rented hall at Rick's place - which is near the old Ford Factory where Percival surrendered to the Japanese on 15 February 1942.

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