The Battle of Barosa

These photos are from a demonstration game put up by the Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore and the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers on 17 April 99 at a wargames convention at Rheindahlen JHQ, Germany. The scenario played was the historical Battle of Barosa which took place on 5 March 1811 in the south of Spain, near Cadiz. For the map, OOB and brief account of the actual battle - click here.

Scenario Objective: The British - outnumbered but with better quality troops - must capture Barosa hill from the French - a reversal of the usual roles!

Uli's banner (Guess who's playing the French today!)

Opening set-up - A strong French force defends Barosa hill. Marshal Victor (white horse at extreme right) looks scornfully at the outnumbered British forces strung out on the plain below (left). French set-up: Ruffin's Division defends Barosa hill. French artillery covers the crossroads, and Leval's division (top right) has been detailed to engage the British left flank.

British set-up: Spanish cavalry and KGL Hussars in foreground with Spanish infantry in support. Dilkes' brigade in centre and Wheatley's brigade on the British left flank (top).

French troops on Barosa hill brace for the British assault. GdD Ruffin (brown horse) gives final instructions to his troops while Marshal Victor (white horse) surveys the British advance.