"We're gonna hang out the washing on the...

Siegfried Line!"

Scenario background: It is 1945, the British are making the initial assaults on the heavily fortified Siegfried Line. The big guns must first be silenced before the main assault can go in. The mission to silence the guns is given to a crack commando battlegroup supported by a company of regular infantry with tank support. In the meantime, a Para company is given the task of capturing a vital bridge to prevent German reinforcements from entering the battlezone...

Rick (left), the scenario designer and umpire giving his scenario briefing...

The German commanders, Wahj (left) and Arjun plan their defence.

Crack commando officer, Victor, inspecting his troops before they go into action. "Men, we are the tip of the spear..."

The Paras start the advance! Churchills assigned to support the Paras roll quickly forward after German anti-tank positions were quickly neutralised. Paras advance behind the tanks.

Another group of Paras jump off behind Stuart light tanks.

Meanwhile, the main British force rushes to get under the big guns - but right smack into a heavy artillery barrage!