A Taste of Marlborough

Played on 11 August 2001

Scenario Background: Julian (unfortunately not pictured here) who has just joined the Napnuts from the UK, offered to host a fictitious Marlburian battle. For most of us, this was the first taste of Marlborough. Having played other periods where troops and commanders used more flexible formations and exercised more initiative, the tactical inflexibility of a Marlburian battle was somewhat alien to us. Nevertheless, soldier on we did. The results can be seen in the series of photos below:

Arjun commanding the Austrian left wing.

Rick and Arjun - the Austrian commanders. The Austrian objective is to take the village held by a regiment of Bavarians before the French arrive to relieve the Bavarians.

The Austrians advance.

Pizza break!

Paul, the French commander. What's taking the French so long? Meanwhile, a fierce firefight is raging in front of the village.