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Welcome to the Napnuts Gladiatorial campaign! The campaign involves a competition among three Gladiatorial schools (Ludi) for wealth, fame and glory, while their gladiators strive to achieve esteem in the eyes of the audience, and chance to become a free man, or simply to survive! If a gladiator's Popularity is high enough, and he happens to be seen and appreciated by the Emperor during a Spectacula, he may be given the Rudis, a wooden sword that is the highest honour amongst gladiators, and be freed (yes, in case you haven't realised, all of you start as slaves)! 

Hear ye! Hear ye!  The Rex Coliseum in the distant Roman dependency of Sporus has been officially opened.  The local potentate, Tongus Rex, has a goal - to see a Sporus Gladiator School make it to the Known World Cup Gladiatorial Games by 220 AD.  Three local Gladiator Schools will battle it out to see which one will make it to Rome!   

To help you understand the background of the various Ludi, their "help wanted" ads are as follows: 

Lanista Holmes on a recruiting trip at the Porta Aurum in Sancti Friscus

Bonecrushers of Latium

Lanista Holmes seek strong and brave young men who are unafraid to die while earning the Lanista a fortune. No previous experience necessary. The following will be provided:

* Food in plenty.
* Training of the highest quality.
* Medical Care.
* Burial expenses.

Sign on and win the adulation of the masses!


Arjun Attila the Hun, Lacquerius
Arjun Homer Simpsonicus, Provocateur


Lanista Wahj urging his new recruits to be the best they can be!

Wahj's Wild Wacky Weirdo Warriors!

Are you bored with your current job?
Do you seek excitement?
Do you like challenges?
Do you seek the adoration of the masses, the adulation of hundreds?
Then Be A Gladiator!
The Ludi of Wild Wacky Wierdo Warriors is now seeking interested individuals to sign-on as gladiators!

Job perks include:
Free accomodation! (your choice of Upwind or Downwind of the stables)
Top-class training and Gym faciliities, PLUS your own personal trainers to push you that extra-mile!
Free food - so good that even a Thracian wouldn't reject if he hadn't a choice!
No severance pay - but plenty of severances! (preferably of other gladiator's limbs)

Hurry, join now! Positions are always opening up, and promotion prospects are excellent - *guaranteed* even. What are you waiting for? BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE - BE A GLADIATOR!


LK Enormous Buttockus the Dimachaerus
Collins Spartacus Shagwellz the Cataphractus
Alexius - Meninges Retardius the Brave, Retiarius


Father Christmax enjoying the fruits of victory!

Post Proelia Praemia Gladiator School

Lanista Pater Christmaximus offers as much fermentum and vino as gladiators can drink, and as many prosedae as they can handle, after every victory.

So, come join DDD (Demonic Dominic the Destroyer) and Father Christmax at the PPP today, and prepare to lay waste all impotentis opponents, and watch the denarii roll in!

After the battle come the rewards!

Fortes fortuna iuvat! (Fortune favours the brave!)


Dom Hannibal the Horrible the Secutor
Rick Darth Varga the Myrmillo





Campaign and Tactical rules: "Habet, Hoc Habet!" by Flagship Games 

Figures by Steve Barber Models 

Shield Decals by Veni Vidi Vici


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