Singapore Wargamers 

Senatorial Munus: 202 AD


Senator Deviovs Pvrpvs will commemorate the death of

his father Senator Dubiovs Circvmstancivs by giving a

Mvnvs in his honovr!

Each Lvdvs will send III warriors in a team combat,

where only one lvdvs will emerge victoriovs. The fight

will be To Defeat.

Which is the best lvdvs in Sporus?

Come decide if the fallen should live or die!

Vote with your Pollicvs!

Tickets available now.

Half-price for Senior Citizens (age 35 and above) and

Children. Children in arms free.

Betting opens day before Games.

Rated R(A) (Recommended, Actively).

SPQR (Sportvs Promotvs Qve Romana)

Lanista Arjun of the Bonecrushers of Latium hatches an evil scheme...I will field an Archer because I read the rules and no one else knows they can do it!  The Archer will pick off the Gladiators from the other school while they fight each other!  Meanwhile, Atilla the Hun and Homer Simpsonicus can hold off the other Gladiators while I shoot them one by one!  BUAAHAAHAA! (Dr Evil laugh!)

But the other Lanistae are not fooled.  As soon as the starting horn is blown, the Gladiators from the other schools make a bee-line for the Archer!

Delator and Darth Varga go for Homer, while Biggus and Shagwellz take on Atilla.  Soon only the Archer is left standing.  Delator makes short work of the Archer, but not before the Archer looses off a deadly shot which kills Meninges Retardius instantly!

With the Bonecrushers out of the way, the Gladiators are free to fight on equal terms.  Biggus Dickus soon pleads for mercy at the hands of Hannibal.

The Munus ends with a big victory for the PPP school.  Here's a photo of the winners with the Senator and his family.

And On to the Rankings...

Named Gladiators' Standing:

Name Experience  Popularity Ludus
Hannibal the Horrible    9 15  PPP
Delator Christmax      7 12 PPP
Darth Varga 2 3 PPP
Biggus Dickus 2 3 WWWW
Homer Simpsonicus   2 -1 BL
Atilla the Hun     dead BL
Spartacus Shagwellz     dead WWWW
Meninges Retardius     dead WWWW
The Unnamed Archer     dead BL

School Standing:

School Reputation  Denarii
 PPP 42 31
WWWW 20 28
BL 7 32