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Venatio!: September 202 AD


See Fabvlovs Beastes!

Behold exotic Creatvres from the far reaches of the Empire!

Watch Gladiators battle the fearsome denizens that dwell in Foreign Lands!

Each Lvdvs will present II brave Gladiators who will test their mettle in the Arena!

Tickets available now.
Betting opens day before Games.
Pets not allowed.
Rated R(A) (Recommended, Actively).

SPQR (Sportvs Promotvs Qve Romana)

Delator Christmax fighting the lion

The tiger mauls Homer Simpsonicus, while Attila the Hun tries to distract it.  In the background, Meninges Retardius and Spartacus Shagwellz go for the polar bear!

A panoramic view showing the Fabvlovs Beastes!

Attila lasso's the tiger while Hannibal rushes over to slay it.

After the battle, come the rewards!  Post Proelia Praemia class of 202AD photo.

And On to the Rankings...

Named Gladiators' Standing:

Name Experience  Popularity Ludus
Hannibal the Horrible    7 11  PPP
Spartacus Shagwellz  10 WWWW
Delator Christmax      5   7 PPP
Attila the Hun  2 BL
Homer Simpsonicus   2 -1 BL
Meninges Retiardius 1 -2 WWWW

School Standing:

School Reputation  Denarii
 PPP 32 15
WWWW 15 17
BL 7 6