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First Munus: August 202 AD


Rvles: See fantastic gladiators from far off and exotic lands battle for glory, honour and wealth!  The August 202 AD games will be a Munus. Each Ludus is required to send up to 2 gladiators, who will take on gladiators from another ludus in one-on-one fights. The fights will be to Victory.

1.Hannibal the Horrible vs Enormvs Bvttockvs

A swift victory for Hannibal the Horrible resulting in the decapitation of Enormvs Bvttockvs.  BTW - the ugly chappie on the right is Charon.  He was an attendant who would come round and bash the dead gladiator with his mallet (indicating that he was now a posession of the underworld). There was usually a slave with a branding iron who went in first and poked about a bit to ensure that nobody was trying the old "If I lie still they'll carry me out with the garbage" routine.

2.Spartacus Shagwellz vs Attila the Hun

A victory for Spartacus Shagwellz after a hard blow dislocated Attila's shoulder.  Atilla has recovered from his injuries but is now unable to throw with his left arm.  His medical report says "excused left arm".  There's Charon again posing in the middle.  He actually looks a bit like Arjun, don't ya think?

3. Delator Christmax vs Homer Simpsonicus

Delator won. Homer was dealt a mighty blow to his chest which fractured his sternum, and barely survived. He cannot wear any chest armour now (not that he did, which was the problem to begin with...)

And On to the Rankings...

Named Gladiators' Standing:

Name Experience  Popularity Ludus
Delator Christmax      4   6 PPP
Hannibal the Horrible    4 PPP
Spartacus Shagwellz  6 WWWW
Attila the Hun  1  -1  BL
Homer Simpsonicus   1 -2  BL
Enormous Buttockus (deceased)  0  -3  WWWW

School Standing:

School Reputation  Denarii
 PPP 18 16
 BL 5 12
 WWWW 17