"We're gonna hang out the washing on the...

Siegfried Line!"

German artillery spotter directing artillery fire on the advancing Shermans. One tank is killed!

British staff officers confer on the progress of the battle.

Air support is requested in an attempt to knock out the guns and lend momentum to the assault. Unfortunately, the rockets are off target!

British infantry advance quickly through all the pre-plotted German artillery concentrations!

Commandos make their brave assault against the fortified objective. Accurate German machine gun fire cuts them to ribbons leaving only Lord Lovat and his command group. A German armoured car attempts to overrun Lord Lovat and his command group. A HQ trooper manages to immobilize the armoured car before it can do any damage! Two British officers, their men dead or dying, jump into a bunker and clear it on their own! The way is clear for the British tanks to advance up the ridge to take the fort from the rear! Meanwhile, a desperate battle for the bridge is raging. A lucky shot from a PIAT destroys the lead Tiger, preventing German reinforcements from aiding the beleaguered fortress.

After a long day...(from left) Rick, Victor, Arjun and Collins.