A Taste of Marlborough

Dominic, the Bavarian commander, watches in horror as the Austrians surround his tiny cavalry squadron. Meanwhile (far left) a French cavalry unit rushes to the rescue. Thomas (Paul's son) enjoys the battle!

Bavarian Grenadiers refuse their line while the melee rages on. At the same time, the Austrians get into a severe mess after they march into each other disordering their entire regimental line.

A closer look at the Austrian mess! Watch out for the French cavalry trotting in!

An important lesson of Marlburian warfare - never place your lines in echelon. If the front line gets repulsed, it will fall back onto your second and third echelons, disordering the whole mass. The above pic shows an Austrian battalion disordering its entire regiment after it was repulsed in an unequal firefight in front of the village.

The arrival of the French forces the Austrians to beat a hasty retreat.