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Crisis south of Kroh, 17 Dec 1941


Background: During the last battle for the Kroh road (click here for that report), the Japanese were unable to crack a line strongly held by 12th Indian Brigade.  They then infiltrated 2 battalions round the British flanks to cut their supplies.  The British sent up reinforcements in an attempt to re-open 12th Indian Brigade's supply lines:

Australian reinforcements coming up the Kroh road.

The Japs spring an ambush!

The Australians respond by charging up the hill!  The charge is costly as the Japanese fight fanatically in close-combat.

A close-up shot of the British/Australian troops.

Elements of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (detached from 12th Indian Brigade) appear on the scene.

The Argylls appear just in time.  The Aussies are hard pressed by the Japs.  By this time, almost half of the 27th Australian Brigade has been lost.