Singapore Wargamers 

Malaya 1941

Ambush south of Kroh, 15-17 Dec 1941


After being pushed out of Kroh, 12th Indian Brigade plus Krohcol remnants decide to fight a delaying action along a jungle road 6 miles south of Kroh.

The Japs begin by probing and bombing the British line.

Ambush!  The rear Japanese units are surprised, tanks turn to face the threat!

An Argyll Lanchester platoon sallies forth. (25pdr tractor standing in for Lanchester!)

A Jap tank platoon is killed by a combination of direct arty fire and Lanchester AT rifles.

Aftermath: The Japanese are unable to break through.  So they sit and shell the British positions for 2 days.  Meanwhile, a Jap unit outflanks the British line, destroys a battery of SSVF artillery and sits astride the British supply lines.  The British decide to sit tight.  What do they have up their sleeves?