The Battle of Barosa

The British advance! Dilkes (on horse) deploys his brigade while Browne's light battalion commences the assault.

Browne's skirmishers make contact while Lt Gen Graham looks on.

Charge! Meanwhile, on the British right flank, Spanish cavalry and KGL Hussars prepare to charge.

Vive l'empereur! French Dragoons countercharge while Marshal Victor looks on. Ruffin orders 2 composite Grenadier battalions to support the Dragoons.

French Grenadiers advance to reinforce Dragoons (left). Meanwhile, Browne's skirmishers harrass the French defenders on Barosa hill.

Scenic view of the battlefield - scratch-built by Uli.

Meanwhile, on the French right flank... British skirmishers engage Leval's division while Wheatley's brigade deploys for the attack. French artillery rush to deploy.