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  The Battle of Barosa

Meanwhile on the right flank... Spanish cavalry take heavy casualties after being attacked in the flank by 2 fresh battalions of French Grenadiers. The KGL Hussars are heavily outnumbered but battle on regardless. How long can they hold off the French dragoons? Spanish infantry (4th Walloon Guards) rush to support the beleaguered Hussars.


The Walloons rout! 2 relatively fresh Grenadier battalions are too much for the Spanish to bear! Meanwhile, KGL Hussars rout after taking 60% casualties.


Spanish collapse! The routing Walloon guards takes the Ciudad Real urban militia battalion with it! The British right flank is now wide open!


Scenic view of the collapse of the Anglo-Spanish right flank. A British infantryman takes a break on the Spanish coast.


Turn around! The Spanish commander unsuccessfully attempts to rally his men. French grenadiers and dragoons wheel to roll up the British right flank!


What a mess! Dilkes refuses his right flank to meet the threat while French infantry charges down Barosa hill.