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  The Battle of Barosa

Artillery to the rescue! British artillery limber up and move to support Dilkes' beleaguered brigade.

As Leval's division is no longer a threat, Graham orders Wheatley to take Barosa hill!

The end is near! Dilkes brigade holds the French flanking attempt to a standstill. British artillery rush to support. Wheatley's brigade follows close behind. Having suffered heavy losses, the French commander sees no chance to hold Barosa and orders a withdrawal.

<Uli - Dortmund Amateur Wargamers> and <Dominic - Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore.>


Terrain - By the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers.

Figures - 20mm Revell, Italeri, Esci and Airfix plasitics. Qualiticast metals. Painted by the Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore.

Rules - Newbury Fast Play.

Demonstration game at Action 99 - Rheindahlen JHQ, Germany on 17 April 99