Spartans vs Persians

The Spartans vs the Persians (1750 points) 

The Persian army comprising 900 cavalrymen, 4400 infantry and 150 chariots. 

On the left:

  • 800 levy infantry with spears, light armor and shields
  • 1,600 levy infantry, with bos and with swords
  • 150 scythed chariots in the rear 

In the center:

  • 300 Guard cavalry
  • 1000 Persian immortals all with bows and spears, with spara
  • 1000 Persian infantry all with bows and spears, with spara 

On the right:

  • 300 Persian cavalry
  • 300 Scythian cavalry 

The Spartan army totaling 5,500 men. 

Opposite the levy:

  • 1,200 Spartan hoplites
  • 800 Peltasts
  • screened by 400 skirmishers 

In the center:

  • 1,000 strong Spartan Sacred Band
  • 450 skirmishers screening 

Facing the calvary:

  • 2 units of 800 peltasts with spears and shields 

The Battle 

Turns 1-3 

On the left flank the Spartan phalanx marched steadily towards the levy spearmen, braving heavy bow fire as its screening skirmishers are rapidly striped away. The peltasts take the brunt of the missile fire though and melt away.  In the center, the Spartan Sacred Band marched steadily toward the Persian infantry, taking 40% casualties as the screening skirmishers flee from the Persian arrows.  On the right the Persian cavalry mount an attack but are cleared away by the 2 units of Greek peltasts. 


Turns 4-6 
On the left the Spartan phalanx charge and rout the levy spearmen. The Persian chariots panic and rout off the battlefield. The levy bowmen on the other hand bravely and unexpectedly charged the Spartans in the flank.  In the center the Sacred Band continue to advance under fire and are charged by the Persian Guard cavalry in the flank.  On the right one peltast unit charges the Persian infantry while the other chases off the last of the Persian cavalry and then line up for a flank charge on the Persians 

The end 
The disordered Spartan phalanx crumbles under the swarm of sword armed Persian levy bowmen. After 3 rounds of combat they break and rout. With that the Spartan General calls a general retreat and the Spartans withdraw off the battlefield.

Battle Report by WABnut Boon