Gauls vs Carthaginians

Gauls vs Carthaginians (1750 points) 

Hannibal looks out over the landscape. “Amazing finding this large flat area in the middle of the alps” he thinks to himself “Even stranger is the rich yellow colour of the snow cause by jet winds blowing from the Gobi Desert and dumping their load of sand here”. 

Gallic Army Carthaginian Army

On his left and ordered to take the hill

  • 800 mountain tribesmen with double handed axes
  • 150 light chariots 

In the center and ordered to hold

  • 1,500 warriors and a chieftain with javelins
  • 1,500 warriors
  • 1,500 warriors
  • 800 warriors with Braneus and the army standard
  • 600 slingers 

On the right and uncontrollable

  • 1,500 warrior incited to hatred by a Shaman
  • 1,500 naked fanatics
  • 550 slingers 


Opposite the tribemen and ordered to take the hill and scare off the chariots

  • 600 Spanish Caetrati skirmishers with javelins
  • 300 Numidian LC 
  • 50 Elephants 

Opposite the warriors and ordered to pin the bulk of the Gauls

  • 1,200 Citizen infantry with light armor, large shields and spears
  • 1,400 Heavy infantry with heavy armor, large shields and spears
  • 600 Balearic slingers 

Facing the madmen and ordered to defeat their opponents and take the main body of Gauls in the flank

  • 750 Spanish Scutarii
  • 400 Punic heavy cavalry
  • 400 Spanish cavalry 


The Battle 

Turn 1 and 2

The entire Carthaginian army moves forward. Braneus manages to maintain discipline in the center and keep his men from rushing forward. The left flank moves to take the totem on the hill while the right flank rushes impetuously forward. 




Turn 3 

Lots of shooting on the left flank as the tribesmen chase the Caetrati off the hill while the light chariots break the Numidian LC by missile fire.  The phalanxes continue to advance on the Gauls while and the slingers have an ineffectual missile battle.   On the right the fanatics chase off the Spanish cavalry and spend the rest of the battle running them off the battlefield. The Shaman led warriors (rolling 100% hits) break the Spanish Scutarii. 

Turn 4 

On the left, the Caetrati javelinmen charge the tribesmen and a long and bloody combat ensures. The chariots continue their journey around the elephants.  The center edge closer together as the slingers continue to shoot rather poorly.  The right heats up as the Shaman incites the warriors sufficiently to rout the Carthaginian heavy cavalry off the battlefield. The Spanish Scutarii rally to protect the flank. 




Turn 5 and 6 

On the left, the Caetrati break the tribesmen and take back the hill! The chariots finally get round the elephants and march towards the center rear of the Carthaginian army.  The Gauls in the center begin an attempt to outflank the phalanxes.  On the right the fanatics finally see off the Spanish cavalry. The Shaman led warriors again defeat the rallied Spanish Scutarii. 

The end 

Seeing the flanks fall, Hannibal withdraws his vanguard to return another day with a larger army (2000 pts).


Report by Ancients Nut: Boon