Saving Private Ryan: A Walk in the Park





It is 7 June 1944. The SPR squad has just received its orders to save Private Ryan. Setting off from Battalion HQ in Vierville sur Mer, the SPR squad hitches a ride to the front line...(see map)

OK boys, that's as far as we dare go. Good luck!

    Advancing across the French countryside. Like a walk in the park...



Suddenly a shot rings out...SNIPER!!!

  TAKE COVER!!Sgt Horvath leads a team through the woods to outflank the sniper.


Reiben sprays the church steeple with his BAR.

AMBUSH!!! A German MG nest catches Horvath's team in the open.

Pvt Jones (who?) takes a full burst in his face!

Follow me! CHAAAARGE!!!

Horvath leads Jackson and Upham in a desperate charge...


Having suppressed the sniper, Cpt Miller leads his team only to discover Jones and Horvath dead! The German MG team had been single-handedly disposed of by Jackson in a mighty rage.

Miller leads his men to clear the sniper out of the steeple.

Watch out! Caparzo spots Germans in the roof of another building.


A closer look at the Germans in the roof.

  Aftermath: Following a brief firefight, the Germans surrender after taking several casualties. Medic Wade discovers that Horvath was only knocked unconscious. The MG bullet hit a couple of cans of sardines (in extra thick tomato sauce) that Horvath kept in his breast pocket. The SPR squad take a breather in the church before they move out to continue their search for Private Ryan.


Rules - Battleground WW2 (WW2 skirmish rules)

Figures - US figs by SHQ and FAA (20mm metals), German figs by Revell (20mm plastics)

Buildings - Hovels 15mm

Terrain - scratch built