Saving Private Ryan: Danger Zones





After their near disastrous "walk in the park", the SPR squad decide to be more careful...

They cautiously approach the main Carentan-Isigny highway (see map)

    Watch it! Krauts on the road!



Let 'em have it!

  The surviving Germans make a break for it!


Sgt Horvath and Upham flank a German MG bunker

Horvath drops two grenades into the slit. "Fire in the hole!"

The surviving Germans surrender.


The SPR squad clears the wood.

Miller makes contact with some Airborne troopers!

Unfortunately, they don't know where Ryan is.



Rules - Battleground WW2 (WW2 skirmish rules)

Figures - US figs by SHQ and FAA (20mm metals), German figs by Revell (20mm plastics)

Buildings - Hovels 15mm

Terrain - scratch built