Singapore Wargamers 
Saving Private Ryan 
The Final Battle


Our SPR Final Battle was every bit as exciting as the movie!  The SPR squad finally found Ryan with some paratroopers guarding an important bridge at Carentan.  The position is an important one as possession of the bridge would allow the Germans to threaten the fragile beachheads on both Utah and Omaha beaches.  Here is our version of the Final Battle:

The American players - Victor (left) and Wahj.

Arjun (left) and Collins playing the Germans.

Cpt Miller and Sgt Horvath organise the defences

The German juggernaut advances!

A Panzer IV with infantry support pauses to shoot up suspected enemy positions.

An aerial view of the battlefield (we don't have enough buildings!)

The Germans continue their methodical advance.  The Americans are under tremendous pressure.  A Pz IV burns after being hit by bazooka fire!