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The Invasion of Singapore, 31 Dec 1941


This game was played as part of our campaign game on the fall of Malaya and Singapore in World War 2.  It is a simulation, not historical fact.  In actuality, the Japanese invasion of Singapore did not take place until 8 February 1942 and came from the landward side.  In our game, with the Japanese blocked in the far north of Malaya, the Japanese commander decided on an audacious attempt to break the deadlock on the ground by invading Singapore from the seaward - running the gauntlet of the famous "wrong way" guns.  Here is a map showing the extent of Singapore's defences against exactly such an attack:

For more information about Singapore's coastal gun emplacements, go to this excellent website: Fort Siloso and other "wrong way" guns.

In our game, the Japanese commander made a feint in northern Malaya - at Gurun/Bedong and Kroh to lead the British to believe that he was preparing for a major attack in the north.  However, unknown to the British, at the same time, an invasion fleet carrying one fresh Japanese Regiment, was making its way south to Singapore...

Just before dusk on 30 December 1941 (D-1), the Japanese made a major air-raid on Singapore with 70+ bombers against Singapore's defences...

In the early hours of the morning of 31 December (D-Day), the Japanese fleet sneaked towards their landing sites under cover of darkness.  The ships were not spotted until they were about 9km from shore.  At which time, the surviving coastal gun batteries opened fire! (out of the 12 batteries - 4 were disabled/destroyed by the Japanese bombing - Connaught, Siloso, Changi and Serapong).  The guns took a heavy toll - 1 heavy cruiser, 7 destroyers and 2 transports - in a sharp exchange of fire over 45 minutes.  But the Japanese managed to land the bulk of their forces on the southeastern coast of Singapore as the transports carrying their infantry were not hit.  

By 12 noon, the Japanese had overcome Singapore's weak defences.  (There were only 2 SSVF battalions, and assorted HQ/Logistics troops and Singapore Police on the island.)  However, the heavy house-to-house fighting has whittled down the Japanese strength.  Will they be able to hold against the inevitable counterattack?