Singapore Wargamers 

Quartre Bras, 16 June 2002


Introduction: We decided to commemorate the anniversary of Quartre Bras this Sunday.  Quartre Bras was fought just 2 days before Waterloo.  Ney had been tasked to secure the crossroads at Quartre Bras (10 miles south of Waterloo), while Napoleon sought to deal the Prussians a decisive defeat at Ligny (about 8 miles to the east).  Control of the crossroads would make it difficult for the Anglo-Dutch and Prussian armies to concentrate.  Unfortunately, Ney arrived on 15 June 1815 - but decided not to attack when the crossroads were only weakly held a Dutch-Belgian Brigade.  By the time Ney attacked (2pm 16 June 1815), British reinforcements were starting to pour in.  Historically, the British managed to hold the line, but decided to fall back to the Mont St Jean ridge (Waterloo) when news of the Prussian defeat at Ligny arrived.  Our game was played using Republique rules (free download).

The French begin their assault.

A French Division attempts to outflank the crossroads.  Picton's Division can be seen arriving on the extreme right edge of the picture.

A solid British line is forming.  Picton's Division forms up on the extreme left.  Alten's KGL Division arrives and moves to fill the gap between Picton and the crossroad.

Brunswick, on the extreme right flank, sees little action.  Kellerman's French heavy cavalry arriving up the diagonal road in an attempt to flank the British position.

Perponcher's Dutch Militia attempt a brave assault against a veteran French brigade and are bloodily repulsed.

Kellerman's heavy cavalry charge the British squares - with little effect.

The British line holds!