Masters of the Mediterranean - Turn 3 (215BC)

Turn 3 Status:

Umpire's comment: "This should be 400AD as we appear to be playing the fall of Rome. Having given the game away in the first line here are the details."

5 battles of which I expect between 2 to 4 to be fought. Some of the battles are pretty one-side so one side might chosse to retreat. Please double check your armies. Please commence pre battle parley and let me know if there are any refused battles and retreats.

Rome has 4 battles - Sicily, Etruria, Celtiberia and Campania (conceded)
Carthage has 3 battles - Sicily, Aegyptus and Celtiberia (conceded)
Sparta, Ptolemy and Gaul have 1 battle each - Campania, Aegyptus and Etruria

We may need 2 rounds of battles this Sunday taking 3 hours.

Alexandrian Plains battle
Carthage 2820
1 General
8x African phalanx
8x Punic phalanx
10x Balearic slingers
4x Punic HC
2x Spanish HC
6x Numidian LH
Ptolemy 2394
2 Generals
16 X Pike Phalanx
5 X Companions
5 X Archers
5 X Slingers

Battle of Syracusa
Carthage 3560
1 General
60 Ships
9x African Phalanx
9x Punic Phalanx
4x Punic HC
4x Spanish HC
10x Balearic slingers
10x Spanish Caetratii
6x Numidian LH
Rome 2370
Felix Ursino Cuntator (Appioirus)
9 Hastati/Pricipes
3 Triarri
15 Velites
4 Roman cavalry

Invasion of the Roman Homeland (Etruria)

Gauls 4530
Asterix and Obelix
15 Celtic Cavalry
41 Celtic Warband
20 Celtic Skirmishers
13 Illyrian Thureophoroi
Rome 1744
Rufus Amelius Mascitus
5 Hastati/Principes
3 Triarri
10 Velites
4 Roman Cavalry

Outcome of Battles (see battle report below):

Gaul  A great victory in Etruria, lost 439 VPs. The Transalpino Roadway is beginning to be discernable in the forest if you turn your head just so and squint a little. 

Carthage Victories in Egypt and Sicily but the loss of Celtiberia with a lost of 521 VPs. The just purchased piece of land lies untouched. 

Rome Barbarian invasion! Etruria, Sicily and Campania lost. The only good news is the taking of Celtiberia. Loss of 1779 VPs. 

Sparta Defeat of Romans in Campania and the taking of Cappadocia. Visitors to Sparta are now in for a Little Surprise, the Naked Olive Oil Wrestling Ring is complete. 

Ptolemy Loss of Aegyptus and 1197 VPs. Though heavily disrupted, work continues on the pyramids.

The Map

The Gaulish Hordes descend onto the Roman Homeland!

Opening set-up.  4500 points of Gauls vs 1744 points of Romans!

Close-up shot of the Hairy Hordes!


The Roman army is hopelessly surrounded but fights on gloriously to the bitter end!

The Battle of the Alexandrian Plains

The Carthaginian army (2820pts) advances on the Ptolemaic Egyptian pikes (2394pts).

Carthaginian allied skirmishers and cavalry descend on the Egyptian flanks.

Taken in both flanks, the Egyptian army disintegrates totally.

The Battle of Syracusa

Carthage lands a 3560 pt army on Sicily.  The Roman defenders (2370 pts) sally forth to meet the invaders. Carthaginian allied Numidian and Spanish Cav swarm round the Roman flanks.

A dramatic shot of Spanish Balearic slingers and Carthaginian cavalry bearing down on the Roman left flank guard.

The main lines just before the clash!  Roman legionnaires in manipular formation face down Carthaginian phalanxes.

The end is near!  Surrounded on all sides, the Roman legion is butchered.