Masters of the Mediterranean - Turn 2 (218BC)

Turn 2 Status:

Take Illyria, lose Celtiberia, keep Transalpino  
Invade Cisalpino with large army 
VPs - Underbrush clearing continues. 

Keep Sicily, Campania, Etruria 
Defend Cisalpino against invading Gauls 
VPs - The 2 slaves are still at it 

Keep Greece, Bithynia and Macedonia 
Take Thrace and Galatia 
VPs - The Greeks have been purchasing substantial quantities of good quality clay and olive oil. 

Keep Aegyptus and Syria
VPs - Just about every slave in Egypt are hacking out and hauling great blocks of stone to the great square of cleared land. 

Keep Africa, Numidia, Masaesulii and Iberia 
Invade Celtiberi and Cryenaica 
VPs - Compulsory purchase order issued by the council for the purchase of a sizeable piece of land in the city center.

The Map

2nd Battle of Cisalpina

The Gauls retook Cisalpina from the Romans with minimal losses. One of the Gallic generals was promoted for exemplary conduct. Much sacrifices were made to Chessex the God of Dice.

The Roman army consisted of a small but strong legionary contingent, and a HUGE horde of Gallic native cavalry. Previously recruited Gallic allies deserted before the battle and refused to fight their brethren. The natives forgot which day the battle was going to be and did not show up for their rebellion. 

The gloriously hairy Gallic army was split into two wings. The Anvil, commanded by Asterix, consisted of half the Warbands and all of the Cavalry. Asterix' command held the left flank. Obelix' Hammer wing, had the Spanish Scutarii holding the centre, skirmishers holding the woods, and the Warbands forming the hammer head.

Seeing this humongous army arrayed before him, the Roman commander Wahjicus, decided to scoot under cover of his cavalry to the left corner of the battlefield, hoping thereby that Obelix' Hammer force would not be able to reach him by the end of the game.

The Roman general sent his Gallic allied cavalry crashing against the Gallic wall of hair. But thanks to Chessex, God of Dice, the Gauls held and beat their the treacherous brethren back. Sending almost all the Romano-Gauls running with minimal losses to ourselves. 

The Gauls then coerced a Roman prisoner into doing some quick calculations, and consulting the Gods, the Gauls realised that if they just hung around until nightfall, the Romans would be forced to retreat. (According to the campaign rules, the side with 2:1 superiority in figures at the end of the 10 turns, wins the battle and conquers the territory.) 

So the Gauls bravely allowed the Roman army to run, while adding to their collection of heads.

Opening deployment.  Wahjicus gives his troops a pep-talk while Ptolemaius looks on unimpressed.

The Gallic wing led by Obelix make their wide flank sweep.

The Romans march off to the far corner of the board while their cavalry form a covering screen.  Gallic skirmishers run out of the wood to harass the marching legionaries.

Meanwhile, the Romano-Gallic cavalry charge the Gaulish line.

The Gallic warbands hold fast, and start pushing the Romano-Gauls back.

A panoramic view of the battlefield showing the Gaulish army closing in around the Romans (who are in front of the metal box).

Mike (Asterix), Boon (umpire) and Wahjicus making offerings to Chessex, God of Dice.  A quick count shows that the Legions are outnumbered 2:1.

The legions retreat, while the Gauls add to their collection of heads.  Vae Victis!