Masters of the Mediterranean - Turn 1 (220BC)


Welcome to our Ancients campaign begun in July 2003.  The setting is the Mediterranean ca. 220 BC.  Five fledgling powers - Rome, Carthage, Sparta (yes anachronistic, but we have a large hoplite army), Gaul and Ptolemaic Egypt - are vying for supremacy.  Which power will emerge as Master of the Mediterranean?

The Map

In Turn 1, Rome invaded Cisalpina and Sicily, Carthage took Iberia and Africa.  Sparta marched into Bithynia and Gaul spilled into Celtiberia.  Egypt was the only power that did not expand, spending most of its income on a great civic works programme to improve the lives of its people.

Rome's move into Cisalpina was opposed by the Gallic tribes living there.  The following battle ensued:

Boon (ump), Wahj (Roman), LK (Gallic tactical commander) and Arjun (at window playing Egypt)

The invading Romans deploy.

The Gauls taunt the Romans.

LK in high spirits.  In the background, Spartan player Mike enjoys a naval wargame.

The Gauls advance.

The skirmish lines meet.

Meanwhile, Cavalry from both sides engage on both flanks.

The Gallic onslaught routs the Roman Velites.

The Gauls press on toward the main Roman line.

Another shot of the Gauls pursuing the routing Velites.

The Roman line stands firm against the fury of the Guals.

The Roman line holds.  The Gauls fall back in disorder, and Rome wins the province of Cisalpina.