Medina Sidonia

 Introduction: This fictitious battle (played on 17 March 2002), set in the south of Spain near Cadiz, was the culmination of a mini-campaign based loosely on the Barosa campaign of 1811.  The orders of battle were roughly accurate historically.  The only difference was that the players made strategic moves which differed from the historical campaign.  Hence, instead of Barosa, our campaign ended with the Battle of Medina Sidonia - a vital crossroads in the south of Spain, held strongly by Vilatte's French Division, and subsequently reinforced by Ruffin's Division.  (Leval's and Wheatley's Divisions were locked in battle at Vejer - a small town to the south of Medina Sidonia.)

The opposing lines drawn up for battle...

A charge by French dragoons is met by KGL Hussars.

British skirmishers approach the French line.

Spanish troops, heartened by British success appear on the French left flank.

Meanwhile, British Foot Guards form square to meet Ruffin's Division which suddenly appears to their rear.