Malaya 1941!

Battle at Betong on the Kroh Road, 12 Dec 1941

Introduction:  This game was a continuation of our Malaya 1941 campaign.  It is 12 December 1941, the British mobile column "Krohcol", has lost the race for "The Ledge" - a narrow road cut into a steep hillside on the Kroh-Patani road.  During the last meeting engagement with Japanese forces just short of the ledge, Krohcol was forced by the weight of superior numbers, to fall back on the small hill town of Betong, near the Siam-Malaya border.  British orders were to dig in and hold the Japanese for as long as possible until reinforcements arrived.  Japanese orders were to push on as quickly as possible.  The battle for the Kroh road is significant as a Japanese victory could result in the main British defensive line at Jitra being outflanked.

Japanese infantry mounted in lorries pursue the British forces.  They approach the outskirts of Betong town.

Ambush!  An Indian infantry company attempts to stop the Jap column!

A Japanese platoon of 4 lorries carrying a company of troops is destroyed!

Jap troops dismount from the following lorries and quickly charge the Indian ambush positions.

Meanwhile, a Jap flanking force arrives.  Krohcol is about to be caught in a double envelopment.  Wisely, Krohcol's commander orders his forces to break contact and fall back to the next defensive position.