Malaya 1941!

Meeting Engagement 25km north of Betong on the Kroh Road...

Introduction:  This game (played on 10 March 2002) was a continuation of our Malaya 1941 campaign.  It is 11 December 1941, the British mobile column "Krohcol", has lost the race for "The Ledge" - a narrow road cut into a steep hillside on the Kroh-Patani road.  The battle for the Kroh road is significant as a Japanese victory could result in the main British defensive line at Jitra being outflanked.

Lead elements of the Japanese 42nd Regt (5th Division) closely supported by a light tank company of the 14th Light Tank Regt.

Elements 3/16th and 5/14th Punjabs, supported by 2 batteries of the FMS Volunteer Artillery (in an AT role) await the Japanese juggernaught.

The Japs continue their advance...a tank is taken out by a Boyes ATR at extreme range.

More Japanese infantry arrive.

The British stand firm, but Banzai charges by the Japanese start to take their toll.

The British take out a few more tanks and lorries.

With the arrival of the 3rd Japanese battalion of infantry, the British are forced to retreat...