Malaya 1941!

Japanese Attack on Kota Bahru town

Introduction:  This game (played on 10 March 2002) was a continuation of our Malaya 1941 campaign.  It is 11 December 1941.  Afterh their landings on 8 December, instead of moving on to capture the British airbase at Kota Bahru (as in history), the Japanese player decides to try an outflanking move with 2 battalions to capture Kota Bahru town and isolate the airfield defenders...

One Japanese battalion attacks the town frontally (not shown), while the 2nd battalion makes a wide flanking move in an attempt to cut off the town.  The British defenders (2/12th Frontier Force Regt) are hidden in the town.

Another view of the Japanese flanking force.  By this time, the Japanese battalion making the frontal attack has been decimated by pre-planned British artillery fire.  In a desperate attempt, the Japanese push on to the road which is the British main supply route.

Aftermath:  Unfortunately for the Japanese, a second British battalion arrives on the scene (1/13th Frontier Force Rifles) and routs the Japanese flanking force after a sharp but decisive charge.  Kota Bahru town and airfield are safe...for now.

Editor's note:  We apologise for the lack of photos of this encounter.  The umpire (and chief photographer) was overwhelmed at this point when Arjun (umpiring the Kroh game) had to leave.