Malaya 1941!

Kota Bahru Landings Battle Report


We played the Kota Bahru landings on 24 February 2002 to kick off our Malaya 1941 campaign, the first real campaign undertaken by the Napnuts.  Essentially, the campaign is meant to be an "as complete as practicable" military simulation of the Japanese invasion of Malaya and Singapore in December 1941.  The players on each side are: Japanese: Julian (CinC), Rick and Paul.  On the British side are Lye Keong (CinC), Wahj, Alex, Chris, Victor and Collins.  Umpires are Arjun and Dominic.  For more information on the Kota Bahru landings, click here.

The first wave of Japs begin landing on Kota Bahru beach

The beach is lined with wire and mines.

The Japs are pounded by artillery, machine guns and strafed by the RAF!

Despite heavy casualties, the Japs keep coming!

The second wave arrives on the right flank!  The British fire on this flank is surprisingly weak.

A Jap platoon clears the wire and  heads inland, here shown charging a British MG nest.

Napnuts Rick (left) and Chris