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Malaya 1941

The Battle of Jitra


Introduction: The Battle of Jitra was the first major engagement fought between the invading Japanese and British forces in Malaya.  The actual battle was fought from 11-12 Dec 1941.  In our campaign, the battle was fought on 12 Dec for a full day and into the night.  Find out what happened below.  This game was fought by the Napnuts on 12 May 2002.

The peaceful and tranquil little northern Malayan village of Jitra...

It is dawn, 12 December.  Despite torrential monsoon rains, the 3rd Indian cavalry contacts a large Japanese force northwest of Jitra!

Meanwhile, the leading battalion of the 28th Indian Brigade (Gurkhas) makes contact with a large Japanese force bearing straight down on Jitra on the N-S road.

On the British left flank, an Indian infantry battalion sent to counterattack the Jap attack down the road from the northwest runs into a Jap Recon battalion with tanks!

Back to the centre, the Gurkhas are under heavy pressure, though they have taken a lot of the enemy with them.  More Jap infantry appear on their right.  So far, 2 Jap regiments have revealed themselves.

A third Jap regiment appears in the tree line on the British extreme right flank!