Dragonslayer Scenario - 1 December 2002

Knights joust for the hand of the fair maiden.  The dragon approacheth

A dragon's eye view of the castle and the sunbathing maidens. The dragon swoops down and takes the maiden to its lair.  The King announces a quest to save the fair princess.  The winner will get her hand in marriage.

The quest traverses the Welsh countryside to the dragon's lair.  The knights set out in 2 teams to hunt the dragon.

The first team of knights led by the Scottish knight, Sir Cumsision of Forskyne encounters the Green Knight who blocks their path.

The second team of knights led by Sir Percival are delayed as Sir Percival has a vision of the Holy Grail!

Sir Cumsision and his knights encounter an errant knight leading a maiden on a leash.  They slay the varlet and free the maiden.

After futilely seeking the grail, Percival's knights continue on their quest.  The game master in the background decides their fate.

Sir Cumsision and his band charges the dragon!

A savage battle ensues.  Some knights are hurt, but they manage to wound the savage beast!

Percival's knights come after tarrying at the Castle of Virginal Maids.  They charge the dragon in formation!

Sir Loin du Boeuf delivers the fatal blow!