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Malaya 1941!

Gurun - 16/17 Dec 1941


 Introduction: This is a continuation of our Malaya 1941 campaign. After falling back from Jitra in good order, the British decided to anchor their next defensive line approx 40km to the south in the Gurun area.  At this point, the coastal plain of the western Malaya coast narrows to form a gap about 6.5km wide.  This gap has fairly secure flanks - with the 4000 foot Kedah peak on the left, and the foothills of the central Malayan mountain range on the right.

Historically, the British fell back in disorder from Jitra.  By the time they reached Gurun, they were exhausted and had little time to prepare fixed defences.  The disorganised retreat from Jitra meant that many units were seriously understrength.  The Japs pushed on boldly with 1 battalion supported by tanks and easily broke through the demoralised British.

After falling back in good order, with 2 days to prepare fixed defences, and having secured local air superiority, let's see how the Brits fared in our Gurun battle...

The Japs advance through the rubber plantations.  The black linear feature represents a railroad track.

The British line, anchored behind a fordable stream.

The RAF makes a rare showing!  Buffaloes strafe the Jap columns on the road.

RAF Blenheims make a bombing run on a column of Jap tanks coming down the railway.

On the British right, the Japs are forced to pull back.

A column of Jap tanks attempt to break through the British centre!