Grossbeeren - the Tour

The pictures here depict Grossbeeren in 1999/2000. Today, Grossbeeren is still a very small town. However, due to its proximity to Berlin, the German government's move has resulted in some construction activity - new houses are being built and the roads are being improved. This picture shows the Victory Column in honour of the Battle, right in the centre of the town.
This Church was the scene of an impressive charge by Prussian infantry, which put the Saxons to flight. The church has been completely rebuilt to a new design.
In the Churchyard stands a memorial to the Prussian victory. It is similar to the Prussian victory memorial in Placenoit, near Waterloo.
This is a picture from the top of the Victory Column looking north. You can just make out Berlin on the horizon.
Looking South from the Column. The French advanced up this road to occupy the town.
West of Grossbeeren is wide, open farmland. The ground slopes gently upwards to this point, where a windmill once stood. The French were driven from this place by a determined Prussian advance. In place of the windmill, there now stands a memorial pyramid.
Another view of the wide, open battlefield.
On the east side of Grossbeeren, there is marshy ground, intersected by a little stream.
Here is the bridge over the stream. Most certainly, the old bridge no longer exists.
Here is a view from the east, looking across the bridge into Grossbeeren.
Here is a view of the road leading to Neubeeren. Within the treeline in the distance, you can barely make out the small group of houses and farms which make up the little village.
Every year, there is a commemoration of the Battle of Grossbeeren. Here are some pictures of the 1999 reenactment.

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