Played, February 2000 in Berlin

Scenario Background: Grossbeeren was an important Prussian victory. A small town located just 17km from the centre of Berlin, Grossbeeren was where Bulow's Prussian III Corps stopped the French advance. For more information on the battle, and on the troops involved, click here. Our game was played using the excellent set of Republique rules available free from

Opening set up: The Prussians advance on Grossbeeren.

The French position: anchored by Grossbeeren on the right flank and Neubeeren on the left.

A close-up shot of the Prussian grand battery.

The Prussian advance grinds onward.

Saxon cavalry charges the Prussian 5th Brigade on the left, sweeping it from the field.

A savage battle for Grossbeeren takes place.

The French are evicted from the town.