Visit to Foster City, Sep 2001

 Introduction:  This game was played towards the end of September 2001 when I visited my old wargaming buddy Robin, who now lives in Foster City, California.  Robin and I had been wargaming since we were both in the army way back in 1984.  After the army, Robin went on to study in the US.  This was our first wargame in perhaps 15 years!

Anyway, the scenario we played was a fictitious one in which a British paratrooper company had to defend a bridge against an SS Panzergrenadier company supported by Tiger I tanks.  The results are below:

The SS troops advance cautiously to the bridge.

Anti-tank guns hidden in the woods take aim...

Boom!!  Tiger tanks are taken out in quick succession!

The Germans (played by Robin) beat a hasty retreat!

Apart from the above game, we also played our old favourite - Avalon Hill's Rise and Decline of the Third Reich.  This is a strategic level boardgame covering the entire European and North African theatres in WW2 from 1939-1945.  When Robin first went away to school in the US, we tried to play this game by mail (back in the days of prehistory - before email and internet).  Here are a couple of photos of the game we played in Foster City:

Robin, I had a great time in Foster City!  Hope to see you again soon!