Playtest - Conquerors Ancient Rules


These games were played to playtest the effectiveness of formed archers under Conqueror of the Ancient World, a ruleset written and being playtested by the NapNuts. The games are pretty ahistorical. Both games are at 500 pts which results in roughly 8-12 bases per side. Basing is pretty flexible adaptable to using most popular basing conventions. 

Game 1 - Early Archaemenid Persian vs Hoplite Greek: 

The Persians have 6 bases of Sparabara Infantry with Bows, 2 based of armoured cavalry, 1 base of heavy cavalry, 3 bases of skirmishing archers. 


The Greeks have 6 bases of Hoplites, 3 bases of heavy cavalry, 2 bases of javelin skirmishers. 



Both armies attempt to win the flanks with cavalry and skirmishers. The hoplites hurry towards the Persian Infantry, aware that the Persian cavalry is superior and anxious to engage the inferior Persian Infantry. The Hoplites come under withering bow fire and the flanking units become disordered. The Hoplites finally make contact with the Persian Infantry just as they lose the cavalry battle, but to no avail. Demoralised by the accurate archery, they are ineffective in melee and quickly break. Decisive victory to the Persians. 

Figures: The Persians are almost entirely Gladiator 10th Legion which recently went out of production. The Greek Hoplite are Xyston while the Cavalry are also Gladiator 10th Legion.

Game 2 - Early Archaemid Persian v Early Imperial Romans:

Early Archaemenid Persian 6 bases of Sparabara infantry, 2 bases of armored cavalry, 1 base of heavy cavalry, 2 bases of bow armed skirmishers 


Early Imperial Romans 1 base of heavy cavalry, 4 bases of Legionairres, 2 bases of Auxilia, 1 base of formed archers, 1 base of bow armed skirmishers 




The Persian infantry moved to the top of a gentle hill while the cavalry and skirmishers attempted a flanking move to the right. The Roman entire Roman line started edging over to the Persian right in an attempt to defeat the flanking move while avoiding the Sparabara Infantry missile fire. The Persians are rolling up the right flank until the Roman Auxilia join the battle which slows the Persians. By then the Sparabara Infantry have moved off the hill to get within bow range and are steadily demoralising the Romans. Finally, the Persian break through on the right just as the Sparabara Infantry contact the Roman lines on the left and the Roman army, attacked on both flanks, disintegrates. 

Figures: The Early Imperial Romans are all Corvus Belli figures. 

Report by Napnuts Ancients Coordinator, 

and Conqueror rule designer: Boon