Cross Fire: House Rules


We quite enjoy the Cross Fire set of rules by Arty Conliffe for WW2 combat.  It is quite a revolutionary game system that takes a bit of getting used to, but it is extremely playable - without having to consult lots of charts - and provides a reasonably accurate simulation of infantry combat.  Why is it revolutionary?  First off, there are no movement speeds and no ranges.  Instead, there is a target proximity rule.  Second - instead of a turn based game system, CrossFire is initiative based - ie the player with the initiative continues to move and shoot as long as he retains the initiative.  Initiative shifts if the phasing player makes an unsuccessful action.

While we enjoy the playability of the infantry rules, the armour rules leave much to be desired.  We feel it is too abstract and does not accurately reflect tank-tank or anti-tank combat.  For instance, a unit or tank will have the same chance to hit an enemy tank whether it is right next to it, or clear on the other side of the table.  The next problem is that infantry anti-tank weapons like PzFaust and PIATs are not limited by range and can shoot clear across the table.

So to rectify these problems, the WW2 Nuts of the Napnuts decided that we needed to graft on a more rational set of rules for resolving tank-tank and anti-tank combat in Cross Fire.  All other rules remain the same, and the additional tank rules only come into play when tank shoots at tank, or tank is shot at by infantry using anti-tank weapons.  This compromise preserves playability, while enhances enjoyment as it produces a more realistic simulation.  The armour rules we grafted on are from Avalon Hill's Squad Leader, GI Anvil of Victory module.


  • Measure range in inches

  • Cross reference the range band with the appropriate target type to find the "TO HIT" die roll. (all numbers in SL are "less than or equal to" on 2D6 ie lower die rolls are better)

  • Apply any applicable modifiers (including target size modifiers) 

  • If you hit, then refer to the "AFV Kill table".

  • Determine target facing, and cross reference the gun type to get the "TO KILL" die roll.

  • Apply any applicable modifiers.

  • Click here for To Hit and To Kill tables

Size modifiers (for To Hit roll):

  • -1 for Shermans (ie large target)

  • -1 for Churchills

  • +2 for Dingo (ie small target)

  • +2 for Jeep

  • +1 for Hetzer

  • +1 for Stug

  • -1 for Panther

  • -1 for Tiger

  • +1 for Hanomag

  • +2 for Kubelwagen

To Kill modifiers (to represent armour thickness):

  • +1 for normal Sherman (front armour)

  • -1 for normal Sherman (side/rear armour)

  • +2 for Firefly or Sherman 76 (front)

  • -1 Firefly or Sherman 76 (side) -5 for M3 halftrack (front and side)

  • -2 for Dingo front

  • -4 for Dingo side

  • auto self destruct if hit - trucks and jeeps

  • +1 PzIV (front)

  • -1 PzIV (side)

  • +3 Hetzer (front)

  • -2 Hetzer side

  • 0 Stug (front)

  • -1 Stug (side)

  • +3 Panther front

  • 0 Panther side

  • +2 Tiger front

  • +1 Tiger side

  • -4 Hanomag front

  • -5 Hanomag side

  • auto self destruct if hit - trucks and kubelwagen

Special To Hit numbers for Pzfaust, Piat and Bazookas:


  • Range 1 inch - 9 to hit

  • Range 2 inch - 7 to hit

  • Range 3 inch - 4 to hit

PzSchreck/ Bazooka

  • Range 1 - 8

  • Range 2 - 7

  • Range 3 - 6

  • Range 4 - 3


  • Range 1 - 8

  • Range 2 - 6

  • Range 3 - 3