1st Para to Arnhem, 17 Sep 1944


This scenario is based on 1st Para battalion's efforts to reach Arnhem bridge to reinforce Frost's 2nd battalion.  While making their way towards the Bridge on 17 September 1944, 1st Para's leading company runs into elements of the 9th SS Panzer Division.

Order of Battle


  • Company Commander

  • 3 Platoon Commanders

  • 9 Squads, 3 PIAT teams

  • At umpire's discretion, any time during the game, a Para recce jeep towing a 6lb AT gun may arrive at the British start zone.


  • Company Commander

  • 2 Platoon Commanders

  • 6 Squads, 3 LMGs

  • 1 Sdkfz 222 Armoured Car with HMG

  • 1 Stug III

  • 2 Pz IVs


British player starts within 4 inches of the road on the board's western edge and must exit at least 2/3rds of his force through the southeastern board edge within 13 turns. (see map)

German player enters board anywhere along eastern edge and must prevent the British from fulfilling his victory conditions.

The game is best played as a hidden movement game.

How it went

German commander Boon planning his move.

British commander LK considering the best way to get his paras off the board.

The Jeep arrives and takes out the German armoured car.

The Jeep runs into German armour further down the road and is taken out by German MG fire from the house.


Meanwhile, the Paras make a deep flanking movement through the woods.  German infantry scouring the woods fail to locate the Paras.  They pop up just at the southeastern most edge of the wood and are engaged by 2 German Pz IVs, but exactly 2/3rds of the force manage to run the gauntlet and exit the board.

Report by Dominic