Bridgeville - WW2

Bridgeville was a fictitious WW2 game we played on 8 July 2001. The scenario involves a British reconaissance in force to capture an important crossroad and bridge in order to expand the D-Day beachhead. The German garrison in the village and around the bridge is composed of 2nd rate troops, but a crack Panzer Division is poised to counterattack through the same area...

A British light tank surveys the crossroads and bridge.

British recce forces advance cautiously towards the objectives.

Germans wait to spring the ambush!

The British light tanks are hit! A Tempest flys overhead but finds no target to engage.

Another light tank is ambushed by German infantry hiding in the woods!

The main British force arrives...

...and advances cautiously...

The German counterattack is launched - but it is bottled up by a single-lane bridge. Meanwhile, the lead Tiger is killed by a Sherman Firefly!

Bottled up with nowhere to run, the German tanks are sitting ducks for British fighterbombers!