Scenario Objective: It is August 1810, somewhere in the Peninsula. Marshal Ney's advance division has seized a crossing across the Coa river. Ney has come up to make a personal recce of the bridgehead. "That hill overlooking this crossing must be taken at all costs! If the British get some guns up there, the Corps will not be able to cross safely." Ney remarks. Just then, a scout gallops up - "Sir! British troops are have taken position on the hill!" Just then, the eerie strains of bagpipes pierces the air - "Merde!" exclaims Ney. "Today we will earn our pay! That is Picton's 'Fighting 3rd' out there - Let's show them how Frenchmen fight!"

The Objective! Watched over by Napoleon's spirit. "Give them a taste of French grapeshot!"

Opening setup. Mackinnon's brigade (centre) has been given the honour of taking the bridge. Lightburne's brigade holds the hill while Champlemond's Portuguese must engage the French left flank to prevent them reinforcing the centre.

Charge! In an attempt to break up Mackinnon's advance, Ney orders the French 5th Hussars into a premature charge. The charge is promptly intercepted by the British 4th Dragoons. Meanwhile, Champlemond's Portuguese (right) close with the French.