Singapore Wargamers 

Axis & Allies Pacific


Axis & Allies - 14 April 2002. This was our first Axis & Allies game as a group.  For some of us (me included), this was our first game.  My impression was that A&A was a very simple game, more akin to "Risk" than a real strategy game.  To my surprise, although the game appears simple, it really requires a lot of thought. Hard choices have to be made - particularly by the Japanese and the British commander - because of their limited resources, and range of options available.  I would describe the game as an introductory wargame - easy enough to play and learn, but complex enough to satisfy the serious wargamer.  A bit like Victory in the Pacific (old Avalon Hill game) with ground troops.  Great fun for a lazy afternoon's wargaming.

Here you see us setting up the game.  Alex (left) played the Japs, Chris (centre) played the Americans, and Collins (China).  Lye Keong (British) and Dom (Japs) not pictured here. 

Malaya 1941-42 in 2 or 3 die rolls. The campaign was over in 3 minutes!

An overview of the board just before the Japanese surrender.