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  Pegasus Bridge, 6 June 1944

German infantry advance cautiously.

Allied reinforcements arrive ... but it is not the relieving force. In respond to urgent pleas for reinforcements, a small allied battlegroup breaks out from Caen and reinforces the bridge

Friendly fire! The Typhoon mistakes the allied column for German Panzers!

A last ditch attempt! A jeep armed with a PIAT closes with the German tanks!

Conclusion: Fortunately for the British reinforcements, the Friendly Fire attack is ineffective. The reinforcements take up defensive positions on the far end of the bridge to prevent a Panzer attack against the fragile beachhead. Paras tenaciously cling on to the other side of the bridge being battered constantly by German tanks and infantry fire. In view of the British predicament, the Umpire declares a German tactical victory.