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What's New (8 Dec 99)

I'm very happy to announce the relaunch of this site on! Probably the fastest growing Napoleonic Community on the net! I wish to congratulate's founder, Cameran Ashraf, for his all his dedication and hard work in providing us Napnuts with such an excellent home!

My thanks to author Peter Hofschr÷er for taking the time and trouble to check the Prussian army material presented on this site. Of course, all errors and inconsistencies are my own.

Thanks for all your support! The site now over a year old and has recorded over 55,000 hits! The site has also been recommended by History Television, Blackwell Publishers and the Official Horatio Hornblower website.


The Napoleonic Wars are a source of fascination to historians and wargamers alike.  Given that the wars involved every major European power and spread beyond the borders of Europe - to the West Indies, North and South America, and even to parts of the East Indies - some historians have argued that the Napoleonic Wars should have been called the First World War.

A complete study of the Napoleonic Wars is beyond the scope of this website.  My aim is to provide the wargamer and amateur historian with an introduction to the major armies and campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars. 

Please feel free to wander around the site using the buttons in the left frame.  As the site is still under construction, the full range of topics is not yet available.  I will add new topics as and when I can spare the time from my work, painting and wargaming schedule! For convenience, latest updates will be listed above.  So please check back every now and then.

All comments and suggestions concerning the content of this site are welcome.  Just click on my name below or on the e-mail logo in the left frame.

- Dominic Goh

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