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No. Designation Facings Officers’ Lace
1 Regiment of Foot Guards Blue Gold
2 Coldstream Guards Blue G
3 Regiment of Foot Guards Blue G
  Line Regiments    
1 Royal Scots Blue G
2 Queen’s Royal Regt Blue Silver
3 East Kent (The Buffs) Buff S
4 King’s Own Blue G
5 Northumberland Gosling Green S
6 1st Warwickshire Yellow S
7 Royal Fuzileers Blue G
8 King’s Regt Blue G
9 East Norfolk Yellow S
10 North Lincolnshire Yellow S
11 North Devonshire Deep Green G
12 East Suffolk Yellow G
13 1st Somersetshire Yellow S
14 Buckinghamshire Buff S
15 Yorkshire (East Riding) Yellow S
16 Bedfordshire Yellow S
17 Leicestershire White S
18 Royal Irish Blue G
19 1st Yorkshire (North Riding) Green G
20 East Devonshire Yellow S
21 Royal North British Fuzileers Blue G
22 Cheshire Buff G
23 Royal Welsh Fuzileers Blue G
24 Warwickshire Green S
25 King’s Own Borderers Blue G
26 Cameronian Yellow S
27 Inniskilling Buff G
28 North Gloucestershire Yellow S
29 Worcestershire Yellow S
30 Cambridgeshire Yellow S
31 Huntingdonshire Buff S
32 Cornwall White G
33 1st Yorkshire (West Riding) Red S
34 Cumberland Yellow S
35 Sussex Orange S
36 Herefordshire Gosling Green G
37 North Hampshire Yellow S
38 1st Staffordshire Yellow S
39 Dorsetshire Pea Green G
40 2nd Somersetshire Buff G
41   Red S
42 Royal Highland (Black Watch) Blue G
44 East Essex Yellow S
45 Nottinghamshire Dark Green S
46 South Devonshire Pale Yellow S
47 Lancashire White S
48 Northamptonshire Buff G
49 Hertfordshire Green G
50 West Kent Black S
53 Shropshire Red G
54 West Norfolk Green S
55 Westmoreland Green G
56 West Essex Purple S
57 West Middlesex Yellow G
58 Rutlandshire Black G
59 2nd Nottinghamshire White G
61 South Gloucestershire Buff S
62 Wiltshire Buff S
63 West Suffolk Dark Green S
64 2nd Staffordshire Black G
65 2nd Yorkshire (North Riding) White G
66 Berkshire Green G
67 South Hampshire Yellow S
69 South Lincolnshire Green G
70 Glasgow Lowland Black G
72 Highland Yellow S
73 Highland Dark Green G
74 Highland White G
75 Highland Yellow S
76   Red S
77 East Middlesex Yellow S
78 Highland (The Rosshire Buffs) Buff G
79 Cameron Highlanders Dark Green G
80 Staffordshire Volunteers Yellow G
81   Buff S
82 Prince of Wales’ Volunteers Yellow S
83   Yellow G
84 York and Lancaster Yellow S
86 Royal County Down Blue S
87 Prince of Wales’ Own Irish Green G
88 Connaught Rangers Yellow S
89   Black G
90 Perthshire Volunteers Buff G
91   Yellow S
92 Gordon Highlanders Yellow S
93   Yellow S
94   Green G
96   Buff S
97 Queen’s Own Blue S
98   Buff S
99 Prince of Wales’ Tipperary Pale Yellow S
100 HRH Prince Regent’s County of Dublin Deep Green S
101 Duke of York’s Irish White S
102   Yellow S
103   White S
104   Buff S
  King’s German Legion Blue G
  Light Infantry    
43 Monmouthshire White S
51 2nd Yorkshire (West Riding) Grass Green G
52 Oxfordshire Buff S
68 Durham Bottle Green S
71 Highland Light Infantry Buff S
85 Bucks Volunteers Yellow S
60 Royal American (5th Battalion only) Blue S
95   Black  
1st KGL Light Dark Green  
2nd KGL Light Dark Green  


Facings = collar and cuffs

Other ranks’ lace of all regiments (except Rifles) = white

71st - 75th Highland Regts did not wear kilts. They wore the usual British Line infantry uniform. Note that the 71st wore a band of Highland dicing on their shakos.

Rifle Regiments wore a dark green jacket with standard grey trousers (overalls).

Sources: Historical Uniforms – Liliane and Fred Funcken

Wellington’s Infantry (2) – Osprey – Bryan Fosten


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