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The British 3rd Division (with attached light cavalry and horse artillery) under Major-General Sir Thomas Picton has been assigned advance guard for Wellington's Army. Picton has been assigned the task of seizing an important road junction to facilitate the concentration of the combined British/Portuguese Army. Unknown to Picton, elements of the French 1st Division under General de Division Clausel has been assigned the same task…


Seize and hold the cross-road at the village of Della Casa while preserving your troops for the next big battle.


Any layout with a village and crossroads in the centre of the table.

Special Rules

Both sides begin off-board on opposite sides of the table.

Both sides should write down their order of march before the game begins. This order of march cannot be changed. Troops must enter the table in the predetermined order.

Before the game starts, roll 1D6. Player with the higher number marches his troops in on turn one. The difference between the 2 die rolls is the number of turns delay before the other player can start marching his troops onto the table.

Order of Battle


C-in-C - Maj Gen Thomas Picton

Mackinnon's Bde 1st bn 45th foot

1st bn 74th Highland

1st bn 88th foot

Lightburne's Bde 2nd bn 5th foot

2nd bn 83rd foot

3 coys 5th bn 60th rifles

Champalimaud's Bde 9th Portuguese

21st Portuguese

Cavalry 3 sqns 15th Hussars
Artillery 2 btys RHA


C-in-C General de Division Clausel

1st Bde 2 bns 19th Line Inf Regt

2 bns 22nd Line Inf Regt

elements 2nd Bde 2 coys 15th Light Inf

2 bns 25th Line Inf Regt

Attached Cavalry 3rd Hussar Regt

2 sqns 1st Dragoons

Artillery 2 Foot Artillery Btys