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  Clash of Nations


Above: The French occupy the village!

Close-up of the (French) Polish-Italian regt, the Hanoverian Legion and a French battalion.

British infantry assault the French-occupied village!

Aftermath: British infantry, supported by Portuguese troops make 3 assaults on the village. However, despite their valiant attempts, they are unable to dislodge the numerically superior French troops in prepared defensive positions. The French cavalry, having swept away the British cavalry's blocking attempt, meanwhile threatens to outflank the British force. Under these circumstances, the British decide to disengage and live to fight another day...


French Commanders - Walter, Alex and Wayne.

British Commanders - Dominic and Uli (from Dortmund)

Terrain and buildings scratch-built by the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers.

French (Italieri infantry and Hussars, Hät dragoons, Revell Chasseurs, Airfix artillery).

British (Mixed Qualiticast and Revell infantry, Italieri Highlanders, Airfix and Qualiticast artillery, Qualiticast light dragoons).

Portuguese (converted Revell British infantry, Qualiticast Cacadores).

Brunswickers converted from Airfix British and French infantry by the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers.

Flags from Ian Croxall's excellent Warflag website.