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Death or Glory!

Mackinnon's Brigade grinds forward!

Champlemond's Portuguese close with the French - the firestorm is about to break!

The cavalry maelstrom on the left flank rages on!

The end is near!

Mackinnon's Brigade breaks through the French centre!

Aftermath: Seeing his centre broken wide open, Ney orders his troops to retreat across the river before they are cut off.

A game played by the Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore on 7 March 1999.


British Commander: Dominic

French Commanders: Walter and Alex

British figures are a mix of Revell and Italeri 20mm plastics and Qualiticast metals. British dragoons and light dragoons are Qualiticast. Portuguese infantry are Revell British infantry painted with blue coats.

French figures are mainly Italeri 20mm plastics with Airfix artillery and Hat dragoons.