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Singapore Wargamers 

Band of Brothers: Brecourt Manor



A small reinforcement team from "D" company led by Lt Speirs arrives!  (Compton's fire team was wiped out after they took the first MG nest.)  Speir's men hurl grenades at another German MG nest before charging out.

Meanwhile, the Medal of Honor hero fails 2 grenade throws against the third German gun pit.  A German grenade kills the hero and routs Winters!  With two guns confirmed destroyed, the assault peters out...

A lucky break!  An attempt by German paras to retake a gun pit captured by Speirs' men results in the destruction of the gun! (A German grenade ignites the gun ammo and destroys the gun!)  One gun left to go!

The final element of Winters' original squad left on the board.  A mortar team hammers away at German reinforcements, and takes a shot at the last gun.

Another lucky break!  The mortar scores a direct hit on the last gun!

An aerial reconaissance photo showing 4 burning German guns! But at what cost!  Winter's squad is totally destroyed!