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Beginners' Guide to Miniature Wargaming


What we, the Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore, have in common is a love of recreating Napoleonic battles in miniature. Although each of us has been doing this for a very long time now (I have been wargaming for 23 years), we have only gotten together very recently. The internet is a great tool for finding people with similar interests!

Unfortunately, there are only very few of us in Singapore. For some reason, this is not a very popular hobby here. Maybe it is because not many people can spare the time to build up the necessary armies and terrain. I won't pull any punches - it does take a lot of time, but as you can see, the results more than make up for the time spent!

What is miniature wargaming? Basically, it is the recreation of battles on any flat surface (usually a tabletop) using miniature soldiers. Terrain is represented on the tabletop any way you want. Some people build elaborate and very realistic looking hills, forests, roads, rivers and towns. Others just use coloured pieces of paper/cardboard to represent terrain.

How the troops move and fight on the tabletop is governed by an appropriate set of rules. The battles recreated need not be Napoleonic battles. In fact, there are very active groups of wargamers for every historical period. We also wargame other periods - such as Ancient, Medieval, and WW2.

Beginners' Guide